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about Travail

About Travail Employment Group

Travail's approach - to consult with employers, hirers and work-seekers to find the best options to meet their needs, has been the basis of an outstanding recruitment service since our establishment in 1977.

Our clients appreciate our fair dealing, full legal compliance and knowledgeable expertise. We are renowned for finding suitable assignments for temporary workers, and the temping community regard Travail as being reliable and trustworthy payers, a reputation we jealously guard. Permanent vacancy applicants often remark on our willingness to invest time in them and listen to their needs, giving them good, professional advice and encouragement.

We operate a mix of wholly-owned and franchised offices around the UK, making us one of the largest independently-owned recruitment organisations in the U.K. Being privately-owned, our commercial objectives are not tied to share price performance and trading, or market share - we do what we do and in the way we do it for the benefit of our workers, our clients (employers and hirers) our staff, and our owners.

Our services

Temporary work gives our workers the chance to earn money quickly, as we payroll weekly. It exposes them to various work environments and employers, with many being offered the opportunity of permanent work by our Clients.

See the section "Employers" for more information on how this service can help your business.

Our Introduction service is designed to secure an interview for our candidate, with an employer who has an appropriate vacancy so that they and the potential employer can consider a future working relationship.

See the section "Employers" for more information on how this service can help your business.

Confident compliance; safety aware

Whether you are an individual looking for work opportunities or a hirer / potential employer - you can feel confident in our commitment to compliance and your well-being in the fast-paced and ever evolving world of employment law and general commerce.

We apply all legislative requirements in the U.K. and operate in accordance with the E.O.C.'s guidance on Equal Opportunities. Corporate membership of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation means that we abide by the R.E.C.'s Code of Practice. Selected Travail branches that currently operate within fresh produce or food supply chain have the necessary GLAA Gang Master licence, and other Branches are able to apply should your business require a licensed supplier of services.

Please review all the sections in our website to discover more about working with Travail - either as a Temporary Worker, Candidate for Permanent Employment, or Contractor; or as a Hirer of our services, or potential Employer of our candidate(s). Please use the "get in touch" button to find your local branch, and ways to contact us.

Join the Travail team!

Recruitment is an exciting and rewarding career choice, exposing those who enter it to a variety of skills, talents, philosophies and commitment levels that one would not ordinarily explore! Being a "people business" means that understanding people, and having the maturity to empathise through understanding yourself, is a massively important facet.

Bring enthusiasm, commitment, motivation and a "can do" attitude to Travail, and we will deliver the advice, support and training to help you work to the best of your abilities, and unlock your potential.

Of course we cannot guarantee we will be hiring in your locality when you call, but we will be happy to talk with you about what we do and give advice about entering the industry, and keep you posted when we do have a vacancy that might be right for you.

Branch Administrator / Receptionist

Our Administrators are numerate, literate and have excellent and accurate keyboard skills. Often the first person an Applicant who visits our Branch will meet, they also have the ability to remain cheerful and offer basic advice on Application Form completion.

You'll need to have good knowledge of Word, and we will be offering you training on our bespoke payroll system. A flair for database management, coupled with a logical and orderly system of working, whilst juggling priorities would be useful!

Training in our recruitment systems and procedures is available, with all Administrators encouraged to participate. Other training can be made available, dependant on the needs of the individual.

Recruitment Consultant

Our Recruitment Consultants normally come to us with some form of business acumen, and often having had experience of sales. However, we find that character and personality are key factors in achieving future success. Experienced Recruitment Consultants who have joined us in the past have received re-training to ensure compliance with our standards and methods. For those with less experience, we are able to offer an extensive programme of formal training that is both classroom and field-based.

Responsibilities include the capturing of an Employer's commitment to use our Temp and/or Perm service(s), including price negotiation. Attracting suitable Applicants, assimilation of these and then introduction and management of the Temp/Client or Applicant/Employer relationship. Verification of hours worked and correct payment to Workers and Invoicing to Clients.

Our Recruitment Consultants are regarded as being amongst the best in the Industry, having received excellent training and daily management guidance.

Many of our existing Branch Managers joined us as Recruitment Consultants and have won promotion through hard work and diligence.

Branch Manager

Our Branch Managers are responsible for their own profit-making Division whilst leading the Branch team in a mentoring capacity. They are responsible for making budget recommendations and subsequent targeting.

Branch Managers receive extensive Management training to assist them with their extended responsibilities within the business

How to apply to internal positions with Travail

Email your C.V. and a covering letter to our Corporate Centre (contact details under the "Contact Us" section), explaining which position and in what area you would like to work. You can do this by post or email. You will receive a confirmation of receipt immediately and then we will be in touch with you shortly afterward.

Please remember to supply appropriate contact telephone number(s)! Your communication will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

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