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information for employers

Information for Employers

We operate across a variety of sectors including Clerical, Accounts and Sales, Industrial unskilled labour, Industrial skilled (including "blue collar"), Catering, Driving, Technical, Education, Executive and the professions.

Travail's Recruitment Consultants undergo extensive in-house training, which means that they offer first class knowledge to their Clients, not only in terms of the local employment marketplace, but also in relation to key areas such as legislation in recruitment.

Our approach

Only by gaining knowledge and understanding of your needs can we hope to help you effectively. Our Consultant will lead a discussion to capture and record a full Person and Vacancy specification, including gaining an understanding of "a typical day" in the role, and your team / environmental-fit requirements. They will also ask you a series of questions in pursuit of our commitment to maintain legal compliance for your business and on our own behalf, in line with all legislation including the Working Time Regulations, Agency Worker Regulations, The Employment Agencies Act and Conduct Regulations. We also take great care to remain HMRC compliant in providing PAYE and occasionally Limited Company Contractors for your needs.

Candidate search

Our unique database of suitable Applicants for your requirements will often be supplemented by other multiple database access, and the marketing of your vacancy across a variety of media, usually at no additional cost to you. We pride ourselves in having access to more resources than most, including the time to use them and the expertise to do this effectively.

Most of our branches operate in high-footfall and public density areas, with point of sale window and other advertising space dedicated to our most exciting vacancies. In addition, our network for "word of mouth" reputation is jealously guarded as being one of our more unique assets: we work incredibly hard to maintain our reputation and standing in the job seeking and temporary worker community - for example our workers know they will be paid on time every week.

Candidate selection

All Applicants are assessed for competence and personal attributes and, if possible, their skill levels are measured. Their Identity and Right to Work in the U.K are verified in accordance with U.K legislation, together with any available certificates or proof of qualifications. In the case of Temporary Workers, we seek references where available with previous Employers.

GDPR: You may be interested and pleased to hear that we rely on CONSENT from applicants in order to be able to deliver work finding services to them, and to be able to handle their personal data. We do not assume "legitimate interest" for handling data - we ask for and secure consent, which improves the quality, relevance and commitment of the people we introduce to you.

Whilst we have their permission to share personal data with potential Hirers and Employer like you, we are careful to only reveal personal data to you when it is necessary, or you request/require it.

Temporary Workers supply

If you require a Temporary Worker or several, we will put ourselves in a position to supply to your required specification very quickly. Many assignments are filled "same day", or within 24 hours of our first being made aware of the requirements, depending on the skills required. We will assign the workers to you at an agreed start time, and will give them with a full brief of your needs, and provide them with all H&S information you have given to us.

Candidate interview for permanent work

When we provide you with our shortlist of available and appropriate candidates, you will be in control of how many you interview and when. Give us the details and relax while we confirm all of the arrangements. Your chosen candidates will arrive for interview fully prepared; they will understand everything you have told us about the role you seek to fill. All that remains is for you to make a choice and, if you require, we will ask the candidate how they would respond to your offer. This can avoid lengthy protractions at interview stage and the potential of losing other good candidates.

Read what some of the businesses we helped find temps and employees for, said about Travail:

"I didn't have time to recruit and I knew Travail, and trusted them to find the right person"

"It was important to find a solution - without Travail's intervention, our production would stop."

"The Temporary Workers are always well briefed, prepared and know what to expect"

"Travail's staff are great and always very helpful, they understand our needs and always go the extra mile..."

"After using many Agencies over the years, we have found travail to be the best. We use them... because the service we get is fantastic and they always find the right candidate for us."

"Our roles can be challenging to fill... we really appreciate the time and effort you have put in to understanding our needs, but more importantly the simple fact that the placements have fulfilled our expectations and more besides."

"I couldn't recommend the service we've received highly enough, and certainly never hesitate to point people in your direction - be they potential candidates or employers"

"it's refreshing to see that you took the time out of your day to come and see me - a nice personal touch. Some Agencies only contact through an email or telephone."

"Absolutely fantastic company, very friendly, supportive and extremely helpful team"

"Once I had explained the situation we were in, it was a though we were number 1 priority, and I received first class treatment the whole way through"

"I've been working with Travail for nearly 30 years, and when I think of them it brings up images of professionalism and great quality. Thank you for taking the pain out of recruitment for us!"

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