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Privacy Policy

Travail Employment Group provides work finding services for job seekers, and for companies that want to hire them. To do so, we must process personal and sensitive personal data. Such data is normally supplied via your C.V., Application form and/or any other documentation provided by you to verify your I.D., Right to Work in the UK, N.I. Number etc.

Work finding services

Work finding services includes the marketing of your skills, experience, abilities and availability to companies, and providing details of their work opportunities to you and facilitating your interview or engagement in work.

Our reasons for processing your data

We ask you for your consent to process your data, to be transparent; however, we may also have a legitimate interest, a contractual obligation, or be legally bound to process it. We only use your data in connection with work finding services, and won't share it with a third party for any other purpose.

Your consent

If you approach us or we find your CV on a "Jobs Board", we assume you're looking for work finding services. We'll ask you for your consent to process your data, but if you don't give it to us within 30 days, we'll dispose of your data securely. We ask for your consent via email, or in writing. We can't provide work finding services to you without your consent to handle your data, and you have the right to withdraw your consent any time. Should your C.V. be accessible publicly e.g. via a job board, we may approach you for consent each time we discover it.

Third party service providers who assist us to provide work finding services to you

We work with selected service providers such as pre-employment vetting services (e.g. occupational health professionals, or bodies providing criminal record and barring checks, etc.), payroll software service providers, hardware and IT infrastructure specialists, HMRC and other Governmental Departments so we can deliver work finding services to you. We always work to ensure your data is secure, and our service providers have appropriate data privacy and security standards.

Holding on to your data

We are required to retain some of your data for different periods of time, depending on the nature of the data. Different bodies / laws dictate varying timescales for data storage, therefore for practical reasons we seek your consent to hold the bulk of your data for the same period. If you don't find work through us, we'll retain your data for maximum of 24 months from any material dealings with you. If you find work through us, we'll retain your data for a maximum of 36 months from our last material dealings with you. Please note "material dealings" means a minimum of a conversation or an email exchange which can include giving renewed consent for us to handle your data for an extended or further period, as above. When due for destruction, your data is securely disposed-of at the next annual sweep of our files.


We may need to apply for reference checks on you and seek your consent to do so. We usually request references in confidence, and our policy is to maintain such confidentiality.

Visitors to our website are anonymous to us unless they make an enquiry or apply for work via the website. Our website provider may collect data (but not personally identifiable information) from its systems for research and statistical analysis in order to improve our website's features including overall effectiveness, functionality and ease of access for future users.

Your rights:

You have the right to be informed about the data that the Company processes on your behalf , as well as the right to access it, rectify any errors, restrict and/or object or be subject to any automatic decision making or profiling regarding the processing of such data. You're able to withdraw consent at any time and in certain circumstances you also have the right to have your data erased or moved elsewhere.

Withdrawing consent, or if you have a question or complaint

Write or email with your requirements, giving your name and Branch where you are registered, in the first instance to the Branch Manager or alternatively please write to Support Services, Travail Employment Group, Corporate Centre, 24 Southgate Street, Gloucester GL1 2DP or email Please include your daytime phone number if you prefer to receive a phone call.

14 June 2018

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