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A selection of what our Clients (Hirers and Employers) say about Travail:

I didn't have time to recruit and I knew Travail, and trusted them to find the right person
Once I had explained the situation we were in, it was as though we were number 1 priority, and I received first class treatment the whole way through
I've been working with Travail for nearly 30 years, and when I think of them it brings up images of professionalism and great quality. Thank you for taking the pain out of recruitment for us!
I just wanted to say thank you for the support (your colleagues) have given me so far. They have been absolute stars and nothing is too much trouble.
The reason you have the "lions share" of the business is based purely on (your colleague's) high standards and efforts, giving a great service
We really appreciate the simple fact that the placements have fulfilled our expectations, and more besides.
It was important to find a solution - without Travail's intervention, our production would stop.
The Temporary Workers are always well briefed, prepared and know what to expect
Travail's staff are great and always very helpful, they understand our needs and always go the extra mile...
After using many Agencies over the years, we have found Travail to be the best. We use them... because the service we get is fantastic and they always find the right candidate for us.
Our roles can be challenging to fill... we really appreciate the time and effort you have put in to understanding our needs...
I couldn't recommend the service we've received highly enough, and certainly never hesitate to point people in your direction - be they potential candidates or employers
it's refreshing to see that you took the time out of your day to come and see me - a nice personal touch. Some Agencies only contact through an email or telephone.
Absolutely fantastic company, very friendly, supportive and extremely helpful team

A selection of what our Candidates, Applicants and Temporary Workers say about Travail:

I was very happy to hear I could start work, and the job seemed like exactly the sort of thing I wanted!
Travail are the best in (town) and do what they say. Great experience
I was very impressed with how professional the staff were... always very helpful, and polite. Great company :)
I was nervous and anxious as I really wanted to find work. They (the Travail Consultant) were lovely and approachable, and I had a good chat about the job.
I absolutely love my job, and can't thank the Travail Consultant enough for giving me the opportunity
Travail has good contacts with employers and as a result, has quite a lot of immediate temporary work. I've always been offered hours within a week of contacting them
I needed to get more hours to ensure we could pay the mortgage. I was not particularly surprised by how quickly you found work for me - you're good at finding work! far the best Agency I've been with, they landed me an interview pretty much straight after I'd signed-up - and now I've been taken on permanently!
Travail encouraged me to work in different assignments, and always found me roles that suited my strengths and circumstances
Travail are an excellent Agency to work for, providing me with a huge variety of positions throughout (the town) and surrounding areas
I didn't have an appointment but registered straight away and within a couple of days I had an interview and induction for a job and have been working since.
I felt very confident after I had registered, that Travail would find work for me very quickly. (And they did!)
I have been a temporary worker for Travail for many years, and now have my dream permanent job, with their help. They really do stand out above the rest
You found my CV online and thought a role you had might suit me. I dropped by the office same day and the Consultant rushed back from lunch to meet me!
YOU spot my CV on a web site, ask if I'd be interested in applying for a job with one of your top Clients, I agree, get an interview and get the job a week later...
... (after being told about the job by Travail), they phoned me later and I had been invited for interview (by the employer) the very next day - which was brilliant!
Travail got in contact to tell me about a job they felt I would be perfect for... I got offered the job the same day I was interviewed.
Low and behold! I went to the first interview - loved it - went to the second, and got offered it same day!
Go to Travail if you are looking for work!
I've been looking for over 10 years for a job of this calibre, fantastic service
I went to Travail and told the Consultant what I did and didn't want to do - she just "got it".
They truly care about their candidates, and can recognise people's strengths even when the person can't always recognise their own...
The registration process was simple and straightforward and everyone was really helpful and encouraging... it felt like I was their priority feels good to know that I'm helping the company (where I am working) get organised...
...a massive thank you and ... for all the 60 (year olds) and over looking for a good job with good pay - all is not lost, there ARE employers out there who want our life experience
Without work, I would have felt useless, and I doubt I would have been able to fund my University education without it
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